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Department dean: Xurramov Jasur Kuylievich

Telephone number: (+99890) 638 20 19

Email address:



About department

Department of physical culture and sport around the faculty founded in 1956. During this period that went by, sport activities of the department of physical culture and spot have been taken place.

In this department 4 head teachers and 10 assistant teachers are working. From the list of teachers, football referee of FIFA K.Smirnov, world champion of national wrestling and international sports master U.Sh.Nuraliyeva, Uzbekistan champion of national wrestling M.Raximov are considered to be the masters evro are on top of the list.

The composition of department professors and teachers:

  1. Xurramov Jasur Kuylievich – Department dean
  2. Nurov Shokir Rozikovich – head teacher
  3. Smirnov Konstantin Borisovich – head teacher
  4. Jabborov Akbar Tuxlievich – head teacher
  5. Yodgorov Mansur Abduraximovich – teacher
  6. Norov Olim Toshpulatovich – teacher
  7. Raximov Musurmon Berdievich – teacher
  8. Nuraliyeva Ugiloy Shomuratovna – teacher
  9. Rayxonov Abror Muhammadievich – teacher
  10. Suvonov Kodir Yuldoshevich – teacher
  11. Xudoynazarov Kuvondik Abdurahmonovich – teacher
  12. Bahodirov Sarvar Sirojiddinovich – teacher
  13. Akbarov Sherzod Axrorovich – teacher
  14. Karimov Eshkuvvat Egamberdievich – teacher

The department has created relationship with sevaral secondary and higher education institutions including UzMU, UzDJTI, Sam DU Termiz DU, Bux DU, Qarshi MII, Karshi branch of TATU. During the academic period, lessons are conducted by the department teachers.

Alongside, practical sport activities are organized properly and perfectly in this department.


Members of national wrestling 


Photograf of sport competetions that were held. 


Photograf of the period of lesson.

Department teachers visit to academic lyceums and colleges around Karshi and the whole region and they make conversation with students as well as organizing educational and methodical assembly.


Graduators of the department ”Physical culture” and their photograph of the event called ”Open doors”. 

Permanent relationship between department of physical culture of the faculty and Chirakchi pedagogical faculty has been created.


Performance of wrestling in Chirakchi pedagogical college

Subjects that are taught in this department :


1.Physical culture and sport

Department address: Karshi city 730003. Kuchabog -17