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Bukhara united pedagogy and teacher university`s Karshi branch was organized in 1945 year. This branch was altered into Karshi state pedagogy university in 1956  year and history-philology university was composed. It had started to prepare specialists in Uzbek philology since 1963 year. Philology-faculty was separated from history-faculty in 1977 year. History and philology faculty was united in 1989 year. This faculty was divided into two faculties in 2008. By Uzbekistan Republic high and secondary educational ministry uzbek philology faculty was called as Philology faculty which was adopted in Karshi state university`s new composed structure in 2011 year. Karshi state university`s new confirmed organization which was held in august 2014 named as Uzbek philology faculty. By Uzbekistan Republic high and secondary educational ministry uzbek philology faculty was called as Philology faculty which was adopted in Karshi state university`s new composed structure in 2018 year.

In 2018-2019 study year 815 students are tought in Philology faculty.

Philology Faculty Administration:

Dean of Uzbek Philology Faculty

Jumayev Rashid Normurotovich

Reception timeeveryday from 15:00 till 17:00 (except  for  Monday)

Telephone: (+998 891) 470-96-95

E-mail: Jumayev1962@umail.uz



Deputy dean on scientific affairs

Karomova Shohida Lutfullayevna

Reception timeeveryday from 15:00 till 17:00 (except  for  Monday and Saturday)

Telephone: (+998 91) 474-68-28

E-mail: karomova-shohida@mail.ru



Deputy dean on educational affairs

Kenjayev Tulkin Arabovich

Reception time: Every day from 15:00 till 17:00 (except Tuesday and Friday)

Phone: (+998 91) 955-76-96

E-mail: tkenjayev1972@umail.uz



Deputy dean of the working with the youth

Kholikov Azamat Bakhriddinovich 

Reception time: Every day from 15:00 till 17:00 

(except Tuesday and Friday) 

Phone:  (+998 91) 450-38-84 

E-mail:  xoliqovazamat@umail.uz 



The Chairs in the Faculty:

  • The Chair of Study of literature
  • The Chair of Uzbek Linguistics 
  • The Chair of Russian language and literature 

The Faculty trains Bachelors in this specialty:

  • 5120100 – Philology and Teaching Languages (Uzbek language)
  • 5111300 – Mother tongue and literature (Russian language and literature)

The Faculty trains Masters in this specialty:

  • 5A111201 Uzbek language and literature 

At the being time 58 professor-teachers work here : among them 2 sciense doctor, professor; 9 of them have gotten doctoral degree, assistant professor; 16 of them have gotten doctoral referring to the PhD degree, 10 main teachers; 19 of them assistant teachers. Scientific ability shows – 50 %. 


In faculty we pay attention to monograph, not only to study-style manuals, hand books but also tought subjects and study-style collections, university Information storage centre, web field ZiyoNet and other webs are being located in Information storage centre. By faculty professor – teachers in last 3 years 15 monographs; 20 study collections, near 50 study-style manuals and hand books, more than 190 scientific articles and more than 350 thesises have been published in world and republic scale conferences. 


Number of subjects

Number of study manuals

Number of monographs


History of literature





Uzbek linguistics





Russian language and literature 




In this faculty scientifical-theoritical seminars are held by professor- teachers. In these seminars works of professor teachers, scientific articles and doctoral degrees are flicked through, discussed and given in a doctoral defendance.

Starting from may 2018 the Scientific council of PhD. at the Karshi state university of Philology has a Scientific council of 30.05.2018.Fil.70.01.

Among brilliant students of faculty Islomova Shoira (2010 year), Akbarov Muhiddin( 2011 year), Pirnazarova Sitora (2012 year), Sulaymonov Bobur (2015 year), Mamanova Adolat (2016 year), Bobojonova Shohsanam (2016 year), Boymirova Dilshoda(2017 year), Elmuradova Fazilat (2018 year), Abatov Doston(2018 year) have been awarded scholarship named Alisher Navoiy. Odilova Nodira the student of faculty radio review “Yilning eng faol yosh jurnalisti” has got the second place in 2015 in a competition held by high education establishment in 2016 in theme”Kecha kim edig-u, bugun kim bo`ldik, ertaga qanday marralarni egallashimiz kerak?”  participant of 2-course Tursunova Yulduz was awarded with a honorary certificate. In a competition held by high education establishment in theme “Ertangi kun bizniki, marra bizniki” participant of 3- course Mamanova Adolat was given a certificate by her scientific lectures. 

In this faculty therе  are 3 science circles. They are “History of literature”  in the presence “Ijod gulshani”  young creators literary circle (leader: f.s.d., main teacher S.Muminova)  “Uzbek linguistics” in the presence of “Yosh tilshunos” (leader: teacher PhD X. Narxadjayeva) such circles, “Russian language and literature” in the presence of “Slovesnik” ) such circles (leader: teacher L. Yuldasheva) have  commenсed their work.


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