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About university

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On September 1, 1945, the branch was renamed Karshi branch of the Bukhara united pedagogy and teacher training institute, which was transformed into a two-year teacher training institute on October 27, 1949, and from August 1956 to Karshi State Pedagogical Institute. In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan" On the Structure of New Higher Education Institutions "of 28 February 1992, the status of Karshi State University was granted to the educational institution and during this period, and more than 70 thousand people, of which about 30 thousand qualified specialists have been trained over the years of independence.

With the adoption of the Law "On Education" and the "National Training Program", the foundation for training modern cadres has been created through a continuous education system. While the Republic of Uzbekistan is on the way to building a democratic, legal and civil society, the main goal of reforms in the field of education is to educate harmoniously skillful people.

As the result of developing of the material and technical base of the university, the improvement of the state educational standards, the basis of the rating system of the educational process, the availability of educational literature and electronic information resources, a solid foundation for the training of highly qualified and competitive personnel has been created. The independence of the students, the idea of ​​liberty and patriotism is the main goal of each of the upcoming sessions, and the learning process is based on advanced pedagogical technologies and information technology.

In the University there are 8 faculties: Social Sciences, Philology, Foreign Languages, Pedagogy, Preschool and Primary Education, Physics and Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physical Culture, and 590 professors and teachers have been working in 34 Departments. The scientific potential is 35.5%.

In the current academic year, 10,134 people are enrolled, including: bachelors in 31 directions - 10,000, master's degrees - 134 and 20 undergraduate and 13 independent researchers.

There is 1 academic lyceum in the university. At the same time, there are centers "Information Resource Center", "Information Technologies Center", "Publisher", "Museum of Memory of Victims", Regional Regional Language Learning, "Kurash", "Health" and "Shoeing".

17 educational laboratories, 6 language classes, workshops, experimental production platforms have been set up to carry out the educational process at the required level of the State Education Standards.

A number of activities are being carried out at the University with talented students. During the academic year, special courses, computer literacy and foreign language classes are organized and regular classes are organized according to the schedule.

The IRC has a free Internet service. The IRC also has videoconferencing equipment and is used in educational process. IRC has reading rooms for 220 seats.

The total book fund of the Information Resource Center is 32,1983. From these, 70,149 are textbooks and 7,3577 are manuals. In 2018, the Fund was completed with 4675 new books.

In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of education, 239 electronic manuals are placed in IRC.

18 electronic boards, 54 video projectors have been installed to introduce modern information technology and new pedagogical technologies into the teaching process. 511 computers, dean's offices, chairs and 312 computers are used in the educational process. At the university 686 computers are connected to the corporate network and Internet. Currently, the university has a speed of up to 122 Mbps, Internet speed in TASIX zone is 160 Mbps.

As part of international cooperation, the following projects are being implemented:

Karshi State University has been implementing international projects for foreign scholarships in 2018 under the auspices of the European Union's Erasmus + MAGNET, RENES, and UzDOC 2.0 projects.

1. 574253-EPP-1-2016-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP "MAGNET: The University as Medium-Term Partners in the Network of Vocational Education and Training Centers in Uzbekistan". Project grants - German University of Leipzig, project grant - EUR 646,471.00, EUR 80, 662.00 for AD. Duration of the project is 15.10.2016-14.10.2018.

The aim of the project: Assisting the state's social policy through the promotion of vocational guidance and entrepreneurship skills of unemployed young people.

Tasks of the project:1. Establishment of a call center;

2. Conducting trainings for young people in the middle age;

3. Organization of network centers NETWORK.

2. 574055-EPP-1-2016-1 IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP "RENES: Development of Master Program in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment" Project. Grant Grants: Italy L 'Aquila University, project grant - EUR 850,975.00, EUR 83,480.00 for the project, Project duration: 15.10.2016-14.10.2019.

The aim of the project: To create a new Profile of Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environmental Engineers in Uzbekistan, that has the capacity to address environmental issues and energy issues at local and regional levels in Uzbekistan.

Tasks of the project: 1. Renewal / revamping of master's programs in renewable energy sources and sustainable environment in the partner universities of Uzbekistan (KarSU, Urgench, AUL, GulDU, TAYI, TUPU) and introduction of a new master program in the European ECTS system;

2. Establishment of laboratories for the assessment of sustainable environment and renewable energy;

3. Strengthening the capacities of Uzbekistan's partner universities in renewable energy sources and sustainable environment;

4. Organizing educational seminars in public institutions, enterprises, educational institutions, improving the delivery of information on renewable energy sources and sustainable environment, development of educational and innovation-research scientific research. 

573703-EPP-1-2016-1-BE-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP Project «UzDOC 2.0: Improving the quality of doctoral education in higher education institutions of Uzbekistan». Project Grants - Belgium UNICA, Project Grants - 651,017,00 Euro, Project Cost - 38,185.00 EUR for the Project - from 15.10.2016 to 14.10.2019.

The aim of the project: Modernization and development of doctoral education in Uzbekistan.

The tasks of the project: 1. Modernization and integration of doctoral research centers established at partner universities of Uzbekistan;

2. Improving and developing scientific capacities by improving the quality of doctoral education in partner universities of Uzbekistan.

The agreement on cooperation was signed between KarSU and BelSU on November 20, 2018, № 249518. In 2019-2020 academic year 5110800 - Fine arts and engineering graphics and 44.03.01 - Pedagogical education. Bachelors on the basis of double diploma within the framework of "Fine Arts".

KOICA, a Korean embassy, ​​signed a contract in 2010, and 9 volunteers in Korean language, 2 computer technicians and one volunteer medicine have been working at the university. From June 19, 2017 to May 25, 2019 Korean Kim Yong Nam and Kim Woo Tea for Medicine, from May 25, 2018, until May 27, 2020 volunteering on visual arts Won Yei Ji.

Since 2011 KarSU is working on exporting services to Turkmen citizens. In the 2017-2018 academic year, a total of 48 foreign students and 15 of them successfully graduated. In the 2018-2019 academic year, 31 Bachelor's Degree courses and one Master’s degree were accepted . Currently, 64 foreign students are studying.

In the past 3 years 11 talented students have been awarded the state scholarships, 8 students - winners of the Republican Olympiads, 2 - winners of "Trade Union of Uzbekistan". On November 11, 2018, two of our students took part in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Novosibirsk State University and were awarded with diplomas of the 2nd and 3rd degrees. In addition, 17 of the talented students of our university are taking part in 30 competitions and sports competitions, with around 30 international and 21 in the nationwide 38 competitions.

As part of the III Asian Paralympic Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, athletes from the Faculty of Physical Culture, Toshpulatova Shohsanam, won three gold, four silver medals, a 400-meter Asian record for swimming, a record for Asian records in a 100-meter butterfly style, and Amilova Fatima won 4 gold, 2 silver and one bronze medals and won the World Record in the 100 meter brass championship, the World Record in the 200 meters swimming pool and the Asian record in the 100 meter freestyle swimming has set an Asian record for a 50-meter freestyle swimming competition.

"Ziyo" student’s theater studio of Karshi State University successfully takes part in the annual national competitions and they took high places.

Most of the chairs of the University cooperate with academic lyceums, colleges and branches of departments.

At present, the university has the opportunity to hold videoconference with leading universities of the world and about 70 universities of the country. In particular, videoconferences with National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Tashkent Institute of Law, Gulistan State University, Andijan National Economy Institute, Fergana State University, Nukus State University and Karshi Engineering Economics Institute, as well as internationally UK University of North London and Oulu University of Fulda are being hold.






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