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General information

Karshi State University will hold a republican scientific conference with the participation of foreign scientists on 04-05, 2019 in Karshi, on "Actual problems and implementation of the analysis". An excursion to Karshi and Shahrisabz is planned within the framework of the conference.

The aim of the conference

The scientific conference is organized with the aim of expanding cooperation and cooperation between foreign and national universities and research centers, discussing new results and methods in mathematics and its teaching techniques.

Directions of the conference

1. Theory of functions. Complex analysis

2. Functional analysis

3. Ordinary  and partial derivative differential equations

4. Algebra, geometry and topology

5. Probability theory and mathematical statistics, modern problems of mathematics teaching

Organizing Committee


Shoimkulov B.A. Rector of Karshi University, professor

Deputy Chairman:

Eshkobilov Yu.X. Vice-rector of Karshi University, professor


Alikulov E.O. KarshiSU, Ph.D.

Kholmurodov A.E (Responsible Secretary) Karshi State University, Ph.D.

Dilmurodov N.E. KarshiSU, docent

Hamrayev A.Y. KarshiSU, Ph.D.

Yangiboev Z.Sh. KarshiSU, PhD.

Rustamova M. KarshiSU, PhD.

Program Committee

The partners of chairman:

Sadullayev A., UzNU, head of the department, academician

Ayupov Sh.A. Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences, academician


Alimov Sh.A. UzNU, academician

Hojiyev J.H. UzNU, academician

Farmanov Sh.Q. UzNU, academician

A'zamov А.А. Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences, academician

Laqayev S. SamSU, academician

Six A.K. WUA, Professor (Russia)

Kitmanov А.М. WUA, Professor (Russia)

Musso E. Turin PU, Professor (Italy)

Khudayberganov G. NU, professor

Vorisov А.К. UzNU, Professor

Ashurov RM Professor at the Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

Imomnazarov X.X. RFA SB HM and MGI, Professor (Russia)

Abdullayev B.I. Ur SU, Rector

Utemuratov B. Nukus SPI, Rector

Allakov I. TerSU, professor

Jabborov N.M. Uz NU, Professor

Jumabaev D. MD, professor

Jalilov A. Turin PU TF, professor

Narmonov A.Y. Uz NU, Professor

Zikirov O.S. Uz NU, Professor

Durdiev D. BukhSU, Professor

Imomkulov S.A. Navoiu GPI, Professor

Kudaybergenov K., KSU, Professor

Roziqov O'.Uz.S.A. Mathematics Institute, professor


Meyliyev H.J. KarshiSU

Tirkashov M.S. KarshiSU

Jurayev D.A. KarshiSU

Jumayev J.N. KarshiSU

Bozorov J.T. KarshiSU

Norov A.Z. KarshiSU

Nodirov SH. KarshiSU

Halilov A. Karshi SU

Shoimov B. Karshi SU


Registration forms will be sent to the organizing committee at


English, Russian, English

Important dates

September 25, 2019 - Last day of registration and receipt of articles

September 28, 2019 - placement of the work program on

04-05 October 2019 - Conference days

Requirements for article writing.

1. Articles devoted to the topic of the conference, which are not published, are considered.

2. The volume of the article will not be more than 4 pages, in Uzbek, Russian or English, electronically, after the author's record.

3. Article form: subject, author's name and surname, name of organization, city, e-mail of author.

4. Article in separate views: Microsoft Word editor, A4 book form, upper and lower case 2 cm, left 3 cm, in “Normal” style, Times New Roman font, 12 size, 1 cm in increments The interval of the rows should be provided in the form of the “form”, the formula Math Type.

5. The title of the file should be as follows: [author’s surname] _ [title of the issue]. For example, Norov_1.doc or Norov_2.doc.

Articles are accepted at the address:

Edited articles are printed as a collection before the conference starts. It is planned to publish the most important articles in the "Uzbek Mathematical Journal".

Organizational payment

Organizational payment covering the conference kit, coffee breaks and cultural programs costs 90,000 sums.

Address of the Organizing Committee

Karshi State University

Department of mathematical analysis of differential equations

Kochabog Street 17, 180103 Karshi, Uzbekistan

Phone: +9989973815960, +998907296420 (mob.)